Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

Wishing Everyone Out There

A Very Happy Two Zero One Three(2013)

   The ending of 2012 is quite bad for me. Losing someone you truly loved is really a bad way to end a year. In the year 2012, many bad things happened. I degraded my class, I lose a friend(may he rest in peace), I have many arguments with her and I didn't get what I wanted.

   Two Zero One Three will be a new year for me. New resolutions, new hopes and new goals. I'm having my major exam this year, my O-levers. My goal is to score straight A's this year. She was my backbone for my previous major exam, and I really hope she'll be there supporting me this year. 

   I remembered how we first actually met. She went her friends birthday party and I went to my godsister's birthday party. These two parties were held at the same venue, by the beach. I saw her a little while when I was playing with my little brother. Then I hadn't seen her that day. The sunset that night was the most beautiful sunset I ever witnessed. Must be because there was an angel on that beach that very night. 
Happy New Year everybody!

   Now I wanna stop talking about the past and look on to the future. I still can see her by my side. So this year is a big year for me. O-levels is not something we can play a fool of. So I'll give my best for this year. I'll stay strong and stand tall no matter how bad 2013 can be. May this year bring the best luck to everyone out there. Happy New Year mate! 

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Bullfrogs Sitting Like A Human

An Internet Hit

A bullfrog sitting on a bench like it's a homo sapiens.

   The video that's on Youtube, has been receiving many views for a bullfrog sitting on a bench like us humans. The way he sits is completely unbelievable! According to the original poster, he has never seen anything like this before. He also added saying that the video was shot entirely fortuitously. The frog is OK. There is no nails, no glue, animal abuse, etc. Later, he jumped off the bench and galloped away to the water.

   It's good to know that there was no animal abuse to it. The 43 second video has been viewed for more than 10 million times. The video is below.

    Such an amazing thing. Now everybody, according to the comments, is waiting for frogs to sing ♫"Hello my baby, hello my honey. Hello my ragtime galllll"♫. Hope you guys enjoy the video(even though it's not much).

Michael Jackson's Driver's License

King Of Pop Stoned-Faced Stare

On his latest driver's license picture 4-years before his death.

   The late Pop-star, Michael Jackson, look very different in his driver license. Comparing his old drivers license(1980's) and his newest driving license(2005), I can say he looks like a better person back then. The image of his old license was released by the FBI shortly after his death. The Bureau compiled the dossier during it's investigation into sex allegations involving the singer back in the 90's.

His old driving license in the 1980's.
    Looking at his newest drivers license, four years before his death, you can tell from the harrowing image that he feel a little much tortured. The smile that was on his old drivers license turn into a ''poker'' type of smile. Take a look down here

Credit's to TMZ.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Rudolf's Twin

Have A Happy Jolly Christmas

This is a Christmas Special Story

   Everyone knows Rudolf The Red-nose Reindeer right? Well, lets hear a little more about him. About his brother, Timothy The Red-nose Reindeer. Rudolf got into his position as the lead reindeer pulling Santa Claus sleigh on Christmas eve. The luminosity of his nose is so great that it illuminates the team's path through inclement winter weather. Rudolf was having a success life, while his brother, Timothy The Red-nose Reindeer, was not.

   Timothy lived in a warm country instead of a cold country like his brother. He's the complete opposite of Rudolf. While Rudolf went around the whole planet giving out presents on Christmas Eve, Timothy goes around spraying on walls and destroying properties while riding Razi's Unicorn. Yep, he found Razi's Unicorn but he only kept it to himself and use it during Christmas Eve to do his devilish acts.

   When Rudolf came around his place to give him a visit, their red-nose will glow bright and can light up small state of Ohio. It only happened once, when Santa Claus give Rudolf an off day and brought him to see his brother in Malaysia. It was the first and last time they met after years of losing contact with another. Rudolf and Santa was supposed to be a secret, but the bright-red light brought people around out of curiosity and it almost exposed the existence of Santa and his Reindeers. Luckily the sky was dark and cloudy so that Santa and the reindeers can fly away safe.

   Whenever Christmas Eve comes around, everyone would be busy caroling and stuff like that, Timothy will be busy destroying people's happiness. He would spray on plain white walls and write his signature on these walls. He'll use the Razi Unicorn to run and hid and be invincible.

You won't see it coming. No matter how good you secure your house.
   His nose is not as red as Rudolf, but it is still red. You'd be surprised if you actually meet him in real life. But let tell you another story of Rudolf and Timothy. It takes place in 1939, when Rudolf was known as Adolf.

   Adolf brought peace to the world at that time even though he's the one who brought up the war. In 1939, a war started because Adolf hated this people in particular. What he try to do was wiping out the whole race. He took his guns out, brought his army and kill everyone that can be killed. The race, according to Adolf, was a terrible and cruel race. He wanted to save Earth from their reign so he build his own army and attack that race in particular. He manage to wipe 2/3 of the race and the world has a little peace.

   He was killed himself after he was surrounded by that race. But he went up there and the big guy told him he could reincarnated. Since Adolf was such a kind man by trying to bring peace to the world, he was reincarnated as Santa's lead reindeer to bring happiness to kids all over and brother to Timothy.

   Timothy too went to was once. What he did was he took a sword and slayed many monsters. He killed so many and took so much cuts and bruises from these monsters. But after his war, he found out he actually fought mirrors and when the mirror breaks, it cuts his skin. He didn't knew how he actually looked liked till that duel.

   So now, Christmas is around the corner, look around for white walls and if you see something like the picture above, it's him the cunt that did that. Have a merry Christmas everybody.

                                                                                     *P/s: All of this falls under sci-fi.
This is how he looks like. Search for him and get that Unicorn!

Publishing Fresh Topics

Blogging With New Topics

Is something I can't really do.

   I can't really write on new topics because I have no ideas much. I've not been supported much lately so the ideas don't really enter my head. Creativity fails me at its best sometimes you know? But you know what's great? Having people to care for you without telling them your problems.

   Some people out there are in need of help, mentally. They might be someone that you know, they might even be your friends. When you see someone around you that's having a bad day, talk to them through it. You might just save a life. 


Friday, 21 December 2012

The Appocalypes

It's Not About The Mayans

It's about me.

   I don't write posts that contains hate contains, but there's always a first time right? Well, the day wasn't good enough for me. 21st December 2012 isn't a good day. In the morning, I was stressed from low credit and a small argument with her. In the Evening, my friend ask me to go chill with him but it rained when I walk halfway and he almost ditch me for a movie. I accidentally diss a ''happy couple'' and that was scary. At night, knowing my  girls neighbour, a good man, wants to pass away in his own home when they cut off his oxygen supply. Then at night, I saw something that I don't like.

   So what I wanna say right now is, I'm a person who keep his cool. But when someone crosses the line, I cross theirs twice. So let me get this clear, the quote ''What's mine is mine'' really means, what's mine, IS MINE! Don't you dare steal something or someone from me! You may say it's stupid to love someone who brings trouble to you, but those trouble is nothing compared to what I'm already facing. I love her, and that's what important. Even when we argue, my love for her will never decrease. I may have failed her, but not my love for. I will never ever fail in loving her. To those who wait for the opportunities to come by, you'll never get them no matter how long you wait. So get your own girl because one fine day, she will be my wife. 

They see me rolin',they hatin'

   Never in my life would I leave her for some lame ass reason. Get a life and take my advice, move on. Haters.

                                                                                                                                Harith Iskandar.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Go Green

Plants Give Life

We need them to survive.

   As you know, green plants are what supply us oxygen. The trees around you as you see, gives you the oxygen that you need. Having them in your housing area sure will boost up your health and peace of mind.

   Lately, activities like open burning in forest and cutting down of trees are being carried out outrageously all over the world. When the forest are gone, animals will lose their habitat and when they build house areas on that piece of land, animals that lose their habitat will be hanging around there and be killed either by cars passing by or shot by the residents.

Dangerous aint' it?
This is a sad scene to see
   Just imagine, you build your house on the land that was once a forest and you are driving on the road with your family behind and suddenly a deer suddenly appear in front of your speeding car. You panic,and turn away quickly without realising there is a wall or something over there. You hit the wall in high speed and you and your family die. Maybe you're the only survivor and you see their face there laying in a pool of blood and being stuck under the seat and all. Hurts seeing the sight of that right?  It might not be a wall also. It might be a huge animal that has no shelter and you can't avoid it and ran into it. It might survive and you might not. So think of this whenever you plan to buy a piece of land that was once a forest.

BOOM! A rhino.
      One day, there will be no forest for our kids to see. There will be no forest for them to go camping in, there will be no forest for the animals to have a shelter for and one day, just one day, these animals that lose their forest will be living right beside your house.

   I couldn't say much but I hope you guys will try to stop deforestation and preserve all wildlife out there. The more trees and animals there is, the healthier the planet will be. That's all for now.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Trying Something New

Review: Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4(WMMT4)

It's a new arcade game that just reached my country from Japan.

   I bet some of you gamers heard of this arcade game before. It was first release 10 months ago in Japan. The game is under the Namco Company. It is a racing game for those who love high speed races.

The all new WMMT4
   So, the game started in Malaysia, the country I'm in, on the 15th December 2012. I was there on the first day and it was packed with people from all over my state and states around it. I made new friends from other states thanks to this game.

   I'm driving a Nissan Skyline R34. When I first played WMMT4, it was kinda weird because the screen is much larger and the graphics is much more HD than the version before it. The gas and brakes pedal is a better and the gear is much more nicer to hold. Everything was so brand new. It took me awhile to get used to it.

Click it to enlarge it. I got from their website.
   There were new features like online ghost battle where you can challenge any racers from another state or country. There are new cars including the Chevrolet Corvette. They also have a new map called Yokohama. For those who played WMMT before and played WMMT3DX+, I bet you have fully tuned your car to 825HP am I right? Well, once you transfer your card from WMMT3DX+ to WMMT4, your HP will be brought down to 815HP.

   I know you're like,''Whhaaaaattt???'', but for your info, after playing 5 story mode, your call will be fully tuned up to 830HP. Now you're like ''Wooaahhh!!''. But in any way, our old thoughts of having 820Hp,825HP is no more. After 815HP, you'll straight go to 830HP. This made it a little hard to do the time attacks. They remove maps on the screen while driving and they also remove the Outrun Battle. It's a little bit harder to up rank your car now.

   Well, this review is nothing much about the game but I can assure you that playing this game is a whole new experience. You'll be amazed driving it and they have speakers all around you and a sub-woofer at the pedal. You can hear the wind pass by as you get to a higher speed. It is a game I would recommend anyone to play.
Click it to enlarge it. I got from their website.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary

Shooting Outbreak On 14th December 2012

Second-deadliest School Shooting in the United States history.

Adam Lanza, was said Mentally Ill.
   After the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre. It is also the second deadliest attack at an American Elementary school after the Bath School disaster in 1927.

   The gunman is identified as 20-year-old Adam Lanza. Before attacking the school, Adam Lanza first shot his very own mother aged 52 in the face at their nearby Newtown home. He then drove off to the Sandy Hook Elementary and took the lives of 20 students and 8 adults. He then committed suicide. 

   The teachers whom died in this shooting were to be saluted as they tried their best in protecting their students. One of them was Victoria Soto. She hided her students in the closets and cupboards . Lanza entered Soto's classroom whereupon Soto put herself between him and her students and she was fatally shot in the process. She put her life for the lives of her students.

   Another teacher that goes by the name of Anne Marie Murphy shield her students with her own body. But through all her bravery, her students weren't safe. The died with her body covering them in a protecting way.

   Many of the staffs were trying to save this young children and it took the lives of 20 students and 8 adults. President of the United states made a remark on the shooting.

Google Tricks You May Not Know

Google Have Tricks

That you may not have known.

Now you see the colours.
   Google is a search engine that is mostly used right now. You may have been using Google as your search engine for months or years I assume. But still, you don't remember the colour arrangements of the Google logo right?

   If so, you might not also know this tricks Google has set up to let their user to have a little bit of fun. First of all, there ''Google Sphere'' where your Google front page will change and all of the sidebars and stuff will be revolving around the Google logo. Go to Google-->Type in ''Google Sphere''--> Click on ''I'm Feeling Lucky''. 

   Other than the Google Sphere, they also have reverse Google. In this trick, everything that's on the Google home page will be in reverse order.To do this, you have to go to Google and type in ''elgoog'', then click ''I'm feeling lucky''. Go to Google-->Type in ''elgoog''-->Click ''I'm Feeling Lucky''.

   Aren't you guys a fan of Chuck Norris? You know, all the jokes about him? Well, Google made a joke about him too. To look up for this, search for ''Where is Chuck Norris'' in Google and click the ''I'm Feeling Lucky'' button. This really gave me a good laugh. Go to Google-->Type in ''Where is Chuck Norris''--> Click ''I'm Feeling Lucky''. Tell me what happened when you look up for him in the comments.

   You know, we've been having fun with gravity here on earth, but in virtual reality, gravity is just a game right? Well, Google let their users have fun with virtual gravity too. Their logo, search bar, sidebars and everything that's on their home page will drop and you can use your mouse to like hit the objects and stuff. To do this, you got to go to Google, search in for ''Google gravity'' and click the ''I'm Feeling Lucky'' button, I bet you guys know the procedure from reading what's above right? For those who's not paying attention, it's like this. Go to Google--> Type in ''Google gravity''--> Click ''I'm Feeling Lucky''. Have fun with it.

   Everyone some time wants to have a little fun right? So does the Google creators. They made this two of their logo's that looks quite good. They are ''Google Loco'' and ''Google Epic''. You search one by one. Go to Google-->Type in ''Google loco'' *or* ''Google Epic''.-->Click ''I'm Feeling Lucky''. Then they'll show you how they change their logo.

One of their doodles for Sesame Street. Cool right?
   And by the way, Google have their ''doodles'' where you see all the different logo each time you go to their home page. It is usually made following to events occurring around us. Like during the Olympics, they made their logo following the events happening in Olympics. To find their doodles, just go to the Google home page and simply click the ''I'm Feeling Lucky'' button. Go to Google-->Click ''I'm Feeling Lucky''. Just as simple as that.

   There are like 6 tricks in here and my favorite ones are the Chuck Norris joke and Google Gravity. I hope you guys try these tricks and have fun. Enjoy mates.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Getting A Busy Mind Off

Keep A Busy Mind Free

By helping our parents or people around us.

   I was not having a good day today as my good friend(idol)'s funeral was held today. He went missing since last Sunday as he fainted and fell into the dam and someone saw. Reporters wrote in the papers saying he swam in the dam and had a cram or something. That's all a lie because swimming in the dam is prohibited and my friend, Jacob Isaac Fletcher, is the most disciplined person I ever knew. So after his funeral, I went to release some stress with my friends at the mall.
   We were suppose to go to the Youth Park, a recreational place, where they have a few walls for those who loves graffiti and legalise it there to release stress or to show creativity. But I couldn't go because it rained and the place was wet. At night, my country has a football match for the AFF Cup against Thailand and we lost 2-0. So my day was kinda bad.

   So, to keep my mind off all those things, I wandered around my house. The church my friend always go can be seen clearly right outside my room window. So I kinda feel sad and kept on thinking about him. I went to the kitchen and I can see that my parents left so many dirty dishes in the sink. So when I was looking for a way to release my mind off all things, I remembered my parents are not feeling well either. So I did the dishes.
That's all folks!
   While I was cleaning, I did think of my problems, but it wasn't that sad to think off because I was busy scrubbing the food off the plates and all. As my day couldn't get any worse, the drain was clogged. I don't wanna disturb my parents rest so I tried many ways to unclog it and finally, I unclog it and I don't seem to remember what I was thinking for that day

   So what I'm trying to say here is that sometimes when we are busy in our minds, all we need to do is do a little good deed and our problems will slowly move on. You can release that stress in you, and help others in a way we are helping ourselves. Be good, stay good and our future will be good. Have a good day yall!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Loving All Creatures

Animals Have Feelings

Just like us humans.

Support The World Wirdelife Fund
   Animals, just like us, have feelings and emotion. They feel pain, hunger and tiredness. They also love, respect and forgiving. We humans see some group animals as wild and vicious. They are as so for survival. They can't just go to another animal and be like, ''Hey man, can I eat you for lunch? You know, we're hungry. Please?''. No, they are not like that. They need to eat as we need to have food. They have been living like that ever since they were created.

   Some people that goes on an ''adventure'' into the woods or desert and get themselves in the middle of a wolf pack, lions or some other animals and they will shoot and kill these animals because they were in ''danger''. Yes they are in danger, but it's their fault to be there in the first place. These animals are also endangered of extinction.

   As you put your life in danger, you might also put the life of the last creature of its species. People tend to forget the importance of these creatures in our ecosystem just to save the life a fool. If these creatures are gone, you can see drastic changes happening on our beloved planet. Just imagine, you're the one who brought extinction to these animals and simply extinction to other creatures for they need one another to survive.
You sure want your grandkids to see this animals,right?

   Feel bad dontcha? For those who don't, imagine without this animals, one day your bacon and eggs breakfast will just be, nothing. No pig to give you your bacon and no chicken to lay you their eggs. What about no steak made from cows beef? You'd like that? No? So do try preserve these animals. 

This is what is happening right this moment.
   They bring you no harm unless you harm them by entering their habitat. Recycle your papers so they will use less trees. Don't simply go hunting in restricted areas and please don't kill animals for their fur, tusk or anything you need. You wouldn't want to see your children or your loved ones suffer and die from less protein and stuff like that? Do preserve the environment. Thank you.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Soon-To-Come Christmas

 Merry Christmas!

And have a happy New Year!!

   I know that Christmas is 20 days away from today but the Christmas spirit is in me already. I am a Muslim, but Christmas is an event I shall not miss every year!

   Christmas is an event where we exchange presents with each other. But the last time I ever gave or receive any present was when I was in 2nd Grade. That was the last year I've seen my good old friend, George Harvey. He was a year younger than me. He is an American kid that moved to my state and country, Penang, Malaysia. His dad's name is Dan Harvey while his step-mom's name is Nayut. He moved to Taiwan that year. I missed him since then.

   I remember that day when he is moving and he gave me most of his toys. His dad gave my dad their table and our moms exchanged plates with each other. Years went and my mom threw away all the toys given to me. The glass plates broke and we threw them away. What's left in memory is the table they gave us. 

   Remember 10 years ago when Monopoly was once the best board game?I got that for Christmas from him. That's the only thing I have left in memory of him other than the table. When we were just small kids, me and him played doll. No we're not gays. It's a Pooh Bear doll. I gave him one and he gave me one in return. I remembered hugging that doll at his house a few nights before he moved. 

   His dad was a cool guy. He introduced Christmas to my family and me. We never actually celebrate it since we're Muslims. The most fun moment of Christmas I had with them was decorating the Christmas tree. It was a fake tree but it was trully magnificent. 

   On Xmas, I went to his house for Christmas dinner and his step-mom cooked a wonderful meal. There was pork in one of the dishes but I didn't touch it since it's forbidden. That night I heard them carol and I joined them. Such a wonderful experience.

   Hey George, if by any chance you read this, do contact me please? I miss you old bud. You can get my e-mail in the ''About Me'' part. My Facebook is Harith Iskandar. My Twitter will be @Iskandar_dardar. I hope I get to contact you by Christmas my old friend.