Sunday, 25 November 2012

Supportive Fans

Harimau Malaya Against Singapore Lions

Yes I'm talking about football.

   I'm not such a big fan of football but when I hear my country(Malaysia) is up against another country, I'd give support to it. Tonight (25-11-12) around 8:45pm starts the match against Malaysia with their neighboring country, Singapore. 

   I watch matches between Malaysia and other countries and I sure don't want to miss this game. It is a match between two big rivals I guess. I'm sorry if I give false information as I'm not such a big fan. But all I can say is I will support my country so that they could win.

   No matter how great you are in sports or academics, if you don't have anyone to support you, you won't be capable of winning anything. You need support from your family in studies and you need support by fans in sports. Any football team gets better and better only when they have more people supporting them. These fans will shout to support their team and this will motivate them to do better.

   There were once when my country's football fans were just chairs and benches. They played really bad. But after that day, slowly fans are coming to support and that's how Malaysia can be where they are at now. With skilled players, good coaches and supporters, they will on the top one day.

   Well, I don't know what to write much about them so, ALL THE BEST HARIMAU MALAYA! 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

The World We Live In

Does not take note of unimportant people.

   When you are feeling down and going through a hard time, it's best to express yourself to your friends and family. But in my past post, I told you guys how to release stress and settle your problems. While some people just couldn't express themselves, writing it in a diary or blog can help release your stress.

   If you hate someone and you wish you could just kill them or something, it is better if you criticize them by writing about them. If can bring their reputation and character down. If you take revenge by attacking him physically, you may fail and get beaten up. So, it is much safer if you criticize him on with paper and ink than using force. 

   Some people hate their government, but they use violence to just say 'NO' to their government. You may show a demonstration but make it a safe and quiet demonstration. Not a violent way to express ourselves to our government. The voice of the people is important. But you have to express it the right way. There might be a small group in the demonstration group that just wants to bring down the reputation of that group by starting violence. If you see this happen when you demonstrate yourself, do stop them or they would bring down the reputation of your group. Remember, one bad apple spoils the whole barrel.

   While some going through protest and demonstrate themselves against the people or things they don't like, some people will criticize and show their protest by writing it in a book and publish it to the world. While some don't have the money to do that, they'll just show their protest by writing it on a blog or a social network.

   Try to start any violence when you are trying protest against something. People may hurt you, using violence to hurt them back is wrong in all ways. Try to talk to them about the reason they hurt you or you can just go out and write about them. So you see readers, violence is not a solution for anything. Remember to use the power in you, the power to bring down the big people, the superiors. The power is to write and criticize them to bring them down. Use it well and don't abuse it or that will also be wrong. Too much of anything is bad. 


A Post From A Friend

For A Friend Of Mine

The Bitch That Ride My Unicorn

   From the title, you'll know figure that this post is a fictional post. So, the story goes from a place where the people are fisherman. So one day, this man named Razi went around his village looking for ways to improve his life. He went by the beach to see how the fisherman are doing with their life. There were people fixing the net, smoking some cigarettes and some where getting ready to head to the ocean. 

He asked for this.
   Razi is a man who loves the environment and he feels sad to see fishes and animals getting caught, slaughtered and being eaten. But no matter how much he loves the mother nature, he knows how important fishes and animals are to the peoples health. Razi wants to be a farmer but the soil in his village is not suitable to grow plants. As he wander by beach, we went to a part he never step foot before.
   He was amazed by the beautiful view of the scenery of the place he haven't seen before. He climb and sat at the edge of a large rock and went into trance thinking of his family's luck. As he gets sad, he raised his hands and prayed. He prayed for a his life to be better and his family to get healthier. He cried the moment he finished praying.

   Razi's tears drop on the rock he was sitting and the rock started to crack. The more tears drop, the huge the crack gets. He saw the huge crack and get off the rock on time. He jump off the rock and the breaks and a white light flashes. As he got a hold of himself, he saw a rainbow coming from it and a unicorn coming down the rainbow. The unicorn came to him and bow down upon him. 

   The unicorn stands up and said,''I heard your prayers and no, I am not god. I am a mythical creature and I am here to make your life better. At the end of this rainbow, you shall find a pot of gold!''. 

   Razi went to each end of the rainbow and he still can't find the pot of gold. He went back to the rock. "Where is the pot of gold, unicorn?'' asked Razi. The unicorn was laughing and rolling all over the place. One he was done laughing, he said,''Razi, you know leprechaun's are not real. Everyone knows that. Their pot of gold is a joke. I can't believe you believed me!'' and the unicorn continue laughing.

   Razi was not satisfied after what the unicorn did. He went to the unicorn with a rock and threw it at the unicorn. The stone flew and hit the unicorn on the horn. The horn came off and Razi took it. The unicorn's life is based on the horn. It follows all orders Razi gave.
   "Take me home to my village, unicorn!'' summoned Razi. The unicorn took him back to the village by flying. Razi put a string to the horn and hang it around his neck like a necklace. He asked the unicorn to make the soil his grandfather left for him nourished.

   Once the land is nourished, he plant a yard full of plants and harvest the plants in the next season. By then, the unicorn and Razi became good friends. Razi became rich and change the luck of his family. The unicorn had back his horn but stayed with Razi instead.

   One day, a young lady was lost and found herself in Razi's village. She had no place to stay. She was walking by Razi's field when Razi saw her for the first time."Hey there! You are not from around here! Where were you from?'' asked Razi. ''I'm Fukki. I was drunk and some guy threw me off in the forest. I need a place to stay for the night'' she replied.

   Razi offered her a place to stay in his house. No one was home when they reached. They were all around giving food to the poor in the village. Once she stepped into the house, she strip her clothes and tell Razi this is how she is gonna pay him. Razi got pissed off and slap her in the face.

   He told her that his house is a place to stay, not a prostitution center. She wore back her clothes and stayed in the guest room quietly. When everyone is asleep, Fukki was awaken by the sound of foot steps outside her room. She peeked outside and saw a horses butt. Half of horse body was in Razi's room. She's not aware that is a unicorn.

   She went out of her room and went to Razi's room to see why is there a horse in there. As she enters his room, he saw Razi making out with the unicorn. She was surprised. ''I thought unicorns aren't real?'' questioned Fukki. Razi and the unicorns were surprised. ''It is real as it gets, my dear.'' said Razi. The unicorn continued,''I am the only survivor of my species and I need repopulate. I need a my own type but they are all extinct. So I find a human, and I met Razi,''.

   Fukki was surprised. She then think back, the unicorn had thing danggling under it's bottom so it must be a guy and Razi is a guy. The unicorn needs a female to repopulate. So she told the unicorn the situation. The unicorn followed her and left Razi. They went to Fukki's room and populate. 

   Razi was furious because he let an outsider in and that outsider stole his love one. He then hear Fukki shouting hard from her room and it woke everyone. Everyone in the village went to his house and ask what happened and the shouting continue's. 

   "The Bitch is riding my unicorn! She stole him from me! I loved him! But he left me for that little whore!'' said Razi. Everyone supports equal rights so they barge in the room and was surprised. They say Fukki naked but she was literally riding on the unicorn. They asked her why she shouted so loud and she was like ''His horn was poking me and it hurts!''.

   So after that day, Razi and Fukki was banned from entering the village. Razi was banned because he brought a girl into the village without anyone's notice and Fukki was banned because she woke everyone up. The unicorn vanished and was not seen anymore. It was said if a unicorn repopulate, the males gets pregnant. Razi went somewhere and became successful while that little bitch became his bitch. She followed him around and he hated her.
Search for a unicorn like this!

   So the moral value of this story is, don't let an outsider in your personal life because they will destroy your life. And if you found a unicorn, it might be that unicorn or his kids with that bitch.

A Person To Talk To

They Are The People Around You

It may be your friends, partners, siblings or even parents.

   In a life of an average human, we always have problems each day we live in. No matter how big or small that matter is, it may harm us someday. So the best way to keep ourselves safe from our problems is to share our stories with people we trust.

   These people can be our friends, our parents or siblings, our aunt and uncle, our cousins, and sometimes, the janitor that's sweeping the floor in our school hall. Keeping a problem to ourselves can only bring stress and it can harm our health. By talking to someone about our problems, we can release stress and sometimes they might also have ways to help us settle the problems we are facing. 

   For those who really can't share their problems with their family and friends and is wealthy enough, you can find someone who is in the field of consult to listen to their problems. The price is quite high so not much go there to express themselves.

   Those who can't afford going to a consultant, there are some non-profit organization that you can talk to for free. Like in my country, we have the Befrienders(Malaysia) and can be contacted at03-7956-8144. There are organizations out there that can help you release your stress. Just give them a call okay?

   Or even, you can contact me by email and you can get it in my ''About Me'' slot. Have a great day my readers.

Monday, 12 November 2012

The Dictator

For My Readers Who's Having A Bad Day

I suggest you to go buy and watch this movie!

The Dictator!! Must Watch Movie!
   If you are having a tough day today, take a break and watch The Dictator. You'll laugh your pants off the moment the movie starts. For the guys, you sure will love the starting f the movie because General Aladeen (Sacha  Boren Cohen) was in bed in our one and only Megan Fox. And for the girls, there are some romantic love story in the end of the movie ;) Generally, it is an awesome comedy movie! A must watch!

   This movie will sure give you a good time after you watch it ;) It'll put a smile on your face, my readers. Not to be a spoiler but, there was a part where his General Aladeen's double was given girls and he kicked her for trying to ''Milk'' him XD Go watch it, that's all for now :D
He took a picture with her right after he's done with her XD

My Apologies

To My Readers

I'm sorry for not writing more post

   My blog was suppose to serve a purpose to the people of the world that's facing a day or going through rough times. But I quit blogging over some small issues I had. So maybe after this day, I will continue blogging and I will try to cheer those who needs some light to guide them :D

   I hope you guys are having a good time out there and I hope that you guys would write to me or e-mail me if you guys are upset of anything :D You can get my e-mail address somewhere in my Bio. Have a great day, my readers ;)