Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Golden Rush

Exams Are Just Around The Corner.

The stress caused by studies.

I have been slacking around lately.

   Good morning my fellow readers. I wish you a happy Sunday. Start your day with a smile on your face and try not to remember any of your problems.
You can do it if you believe in it.

   I am a form 4 student in a Science stream. My finals are just around the corner. Few weeks from now. Well, studies should be a continuous process. But I stop my studying and I have been slacking right after my mid-term exams. 
   Now I am realising that my finals are close and I have to study more because I have not been listening to class. How horrible. But I do not want to be in a lower class next year so I have to study really hard this few weeks. 
   Wish me luck for my finals guys and all the best to those who are having their finals in this few days or weeks. You can do it! 

Trinity University Scholarship.

It All Started In School.

Trinity University is in Australia.

The questions and some details.
   Trinity University the other day had a competition. It is a 500 words essay competition. My counsellor was so excited when she heard I wanted to join. I guess. So, she asked me to send the entry form to her as soon as possible so I sent it to her the next day. But I dunno what happened, I sent my essay through e-mail to the person in charge and he said I didn't send my complete entry. I was startled really bad because it was the last day to submit the entry form.

Fingers crossed and hope for the best.
   I did my best to send my entry form and I managed to send the entry form through e-mail to the person in charge but I do not know whether my entry was considered late or not.

   So I pray hard to get this scholarship because my dad is broke and this is the only way for me to further my studies. If I may, I would like to continue my studies in my own country and best in my local town.

   So you see readers, I love my country very much. But I too love my parents and girlfriend that lives in Penang, Malaysia. So, if I get this scholarship, I will come back to my home town as much as possible because I really will miss them a lot.

   Thank you for your time reading my post.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

A Private Life

For Those With A Quite Life.

Some people keep things in their chest

   I know some readers here keep their secrets to themselves. Some secrets were to keep quiet and not to share with others. Some secrets are to tell and expose to people about the things they keep hard and tight in their chest.

   If you keep secrets in your chest for a long time, it will bring you stress that will lead to many other diseases. You can tell your close friends about it, you can tell your close siblings or you can consult a consultant that will help you ease your heart. 
Tell people on how you feel so that you can
have a smile on your face that everyone loves :)

    Some of you may hold in about your love life, some about some things you did to someone while some others might just have the awkward things they did in their childhood life. 
    When I was a kid, I tricked my friend to pay for the the things I want. He didn't realise it was for me. He was wondering why is he keep getting it at a higher price so one day, he went to counter and ask why is he paying so much. So then, the cat got out from the bag and he screwed me. From that day onwards, when I see him, I'll be very shy and feel awkward around him even though he had forgiven me.
    When you feel stress over keeping a secret, tell someone or somebody about it. You may just write down on a piece of paper and burn it or you might write a blog or something. Guys, don't keep it to yourself if you can't handle it. Have a joyful life, not a sad and scared life. Have a great day mates.

Monday, 17 September 2012

A Little Bit of This

And A Little Bit of That.

Salt and sugar are to balance up.

   Hey there readers, not sure if I actually have readers though, life may seem unfair at times right? Maybe you had a bad day because someone treated you the way you would not like to be treated. Maybe, you get your grades and you are not satisfied with your results. Or maybe, just maybe, you are an Apple fan and you are not satisfied with the new iPhone5. 

Add some sugar and salt to life.
   Well guys, you should add some sugar to your day. Go out, do things that you want to do, have fun, grab a drink, chill out with your mates. Turn your bad day to a good day. Don't put a frown on that just because life treated you unfair on that day, you should go out and show to life that whatever things they do to you, you will always have a smile on your face.

    But as you know it, life always tries to screw things up. At times, you will have a perfect day but life always envy you. So life will make some twist and change your day a little. But don't worry guys. Life is just trying yo balance up the sugar and salt your life.

    Too much salt will make the dish salty and not tasty. Too sweet will make the dish to awkward to eat. But having a balance salt and sugar in your dish will make you love the dish and can't stop eating it right?

    So do not worry if your day goes bad. If it is out of hand, go add some sugar. If it is perfect and screwed up at the last minute, remember to balance it up.

    That's all for now guys. Have a sweet and wonderful day.

Saturday, 15 September 2012


Parents Are Our Biggest Treasure

Our parents raise us from young and we should repay them back.

The 2 people that raise me and made me for who I am right now
   For me, my parents have done so much for me just to ensure that I am healthy and growing up properly. I know, some parents out there abuse their child, ignore their child, hate their child, but yet they still feed you and ensure your health when you are around.

   No matter how bad they treat you, they will always be your parents. Don't ever let them down. No matter how bad they are to you, no parents want to see their child becoming a failure. They'd do anything to make sure their child studies are good.

   Parents always have more experience than we can ever collect. They are wiser than us and they have been through what we are facing earlier before us. Respect them as we are growing up, we keep forgetting that they are also getting older. Parents never want to hurt their kids no matter what. They'd do anything for them. Even those child abusers love their child.

    Always keep in mind that our parents are the only ones that wouldn't feel bored listening to our childish stories. At times they might criticise us, but they do that just so we could change ourselves to the better.

    My mum is having kidney failures so she has to go through dialysis. When I was just a little kid and she was still healthy, I always scold her and hit her. I was such an imbecile when I was a kid. My mum did everything just to see me and my brother grow up healthy and safe. She always made me smile no matter what.

    My dad is my hero since I was young till now. He's always been my idol. Whatever I do in life, I'll reflect my life with my dad's. He's is and will always be, the best idol for me. He is a very loving dad. He raise the family so hard. He has to take care of my brother, me and his sick wife. He himself is not that healthy now.
    Every time I think of all the wrong doings I did to my parents, I would feel down and sad. Parents would always say they forgive their kids no matter how bad our fault are. But thinking of all the things we did for them, we should feel bad. I would like to repay them back.

    The only way we could repay back our parents are by studying and have a good future. All they want to see is their child have a bright future. I shall study hard and I'll never send my parents to the old folks no matter under what circumstances. I love you my two parents.

Went To The Doctor Today

Medicine at its best.

And so, I was given a bunch of medicine to eat this whole week.

    Went to the doctors around 8:30 pm just now. Got back home an hour after that. The doctor ask me if  I am still having fever and I said I don't think so. She checked my throat and say it's red. 

     So, after the doctor gave me a quick check on my throat, asked me some questions. She then gave me a bunch of medicine such as antihistamines, paracetamol, some coughing medicine and the worst of all, anti-biotic. I have to consume 2 pills,3 times a day. They gave me 42 pills so, you guys do the math aight?

I hope you guys feel healthy :)
    Besides all that, I'm well and healthy. It's just that I just have some flam and a little cough. I have to finish up my anti-biotic by this week and I can't skip a day. 

   In Penang, Malaysia, the weather is not stable so I advice my readers to drink plenty of water and keep healthy. 

Friday, 14 September 2012


This is about my father.

A man in his 50's and still providing food and shelter for his kids.

    My dad is a 52 year old man. He is born in the year 1960 on June the 6th. He is my first hero. He is always there whenever I need him. He is strict and at the same time, he is a good lover.

    My dad never failed in loving me, my brother and my mum. He always made time for us. He gave us everything that we need if he could afford it. My mum is sick and she has to go through dialysis 3 times a week. My dad is patient with it and he would send her to her dialysis centre and send her home.  He also waited with her even though its 4 hours long. He then have to rush to send me to school and pick me up.

    He recently went broke. Bankrupt. I wish I could help him by going out to work, but my dad doesn't let me work. He told me to focus on my studies and get a good, proper job. He said he will in anyhow get enough money to support his family and will always be there when we need him. I trust him. So now, I am listening to his advices and put my studies first. Thanks dad. I owe you a lot.
The most awesome dad in the world. And the most beautiful mother in the entire universe.

Not feeling well today

Being Sick is Awful.

The weather here is not stable. :(

School was kinda good today. It was raining and drizzling early in the morning. Had symptoms of sore throat in school. A good friend of mine gave me a sweet to help ease my throat and it worked. :)

   I was feeling terrible when school was about to end. I went home and my wife took good care of me. She forced to go to sleep because I was not well. I slept for a few hours and when I woke up, my mouth was dry :(

   I ate my coughing and sneezing medicine and I'm supposed to be going to the hospital for a check up tonight. But it was kinda late and my dad said if I'm not feeling well after tonight, we'll go tomorrow :(

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Life's In God's Hands.

I Have A Belief of There Is A God.

I'm not sure if you're an atheist or a believer, but this post is to make you smile :)

Smiling is one of the expression anyone can give :)

  Hey guys, whenever you feel down and bad. Always remember that there is always hope out there :) Days are just bad or sometimes horrible for some of us, but always put a smile on your face ;) Smiling is something awesome and laughter never fails to cheer anybody :)

   When you feel down, try to talk to your friends and try to hang out often aight? :) Friends will be there to put a smile on your face :)

It's a whole new world.

Hello Peeps! 

   This is just a beginning of a new chapter to someone out there :)

I'm a 9gagger :) I'm always on most of the time other than facebook :)

this is 9gag that I'm always on :D

this is facebook. I bet you guys know this :)

     I hope my mates out there reading this will have a wonderful day ;)