Sunday, 10 February 2013

Going Through A Rough Time

It's Life

When will it just end? 

    What's up readers? It's been awhile since I last wrote an article about anything. Sorry if I kept you guys waiting, if there ever is though. Lately my internet connection was cut and it still is. I'm writing this in Starbucks where they provide free WiFi. My life wasn't treating that well too. The latest thing that happened to me was my first ever break-up.

   It's hard for a guy like me, who's in love for more than a year and soon to be 2 years. But it's fated that we can't last that long so I'm doing my best to accept the fact. But I always wanted to feel special, but I'm never the number one in someones heart. Neither a girls, friends or even family. I'm always second place or down under.

   1 year 7 months, supposed to be the 8th month tomorrow but it ended there so I can't do anything. I can't go back to her since she already has another man in her heart. I always wonder why can't I make her smile lately, and I had just gotten the answer. It's because there is another person in her heart.

   She's really a wonderful lady and I lose someone so perfect (for me). If she has a new person, I'd wish you both all the best and may you guys last. I pray that he'll be your Mr.Right and to that dude, take good care of her because she's a real treasure. Mine, at least. Happy Chinese New Year Guys.

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