Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Woman Activist Becomes An Internet Joke.

'Listen, listen, listen.'

These words are going viral on the Internet.

   A pro-Barisan Nasional(BN) woman activist became one of the latest Malaysian Internet phenomenon with her ''Listen, listen, listen'' diatribe after video clips of her public rebuke of a local university went viral. 

   Parodies of Sharifah Zobra Jabeen Syed Shah Miskin that is aligned with the ruling BN, have spawned on various social media platforms including YouTube and Facebook. A couple of food and beverages company like Nando's joint as part of their advertising gimmick in the last 24 hours. 

   I watch the video on YouTube where Sharifah, a bachelor in law, discriminate an O-level student(Bawani) that opposed her statements. She was trying to bring awareness on free education and the rights on street demonstration. 

   What Sharifah did was stop Miss Bawani during her speech by saying ''Listen, listen, listen'' then proceed by pulling the microphone away from Miss Bawani. Sharifah said she ''showed'' miss Bawani respect by shaking her hand but Miss Bawani didn't ''listen'' to her because she wanted to continue her speech. 

   You guys should see the video and from my point of view, Miss Bawani's are legit and good. She compared Malaysia with other countries because she can see that we have the potential to be like them and maybe be better. Sharifah, using her brainless head, compared the Malaysians to animals saying every living creature has problems. This is about education where the government is rich enough to offer free education to the citizens, not animals. 

   The rapper, artist, singer and producer, Namewee made a parody of her on YouTube which he titled ''Listen''. I don't think she dares to step out of her house due to all this social media and artist siding Miss Bawani. 
   To Miss Bawani, if you're reading this, you will surely be a good lawyer in the future. You're just an O-level post-graduate but you can stand up with such facts till Sharifah have nothing else to say but bullshit. I'm taking my O-levels this year and I hope by the time I grow up, I can see you stand up against the world :)

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