Saturday, 12 January 2013

Appreciating Others.

Appreciate The Ones Around You

They might go through many things without you knowing it.

   Knowing you are from a poor family, you should study for the future of your family and yourself. But being in a poor state, some people just couldn't coop with the stress their friends and family are giving to them. 

   To some people, they don't care about their friends as they put their family first. What they hope is that their parents be patient with them at times. So what I'm telling her now is for parents to NOT SIMPLY DISCRIMINATE THEIR CHILD! 

   They are doing their best to coop their studies and doing things helping their parents to either get money or use less money. Even when they are sick the seldom tell their parents unless it's really bad. 

   They sometimes say they know more since they lived longer, but a teenage child may know more things as he is living a life way more worse than their parents sometimes. So I'm pressing on parents right just to not simply scold them.

   They might do mistakes, but calling them stupid, idiot, not smart and things like that can only make them feel bad. Have you ever tried spending time with them? No? Maybe that's the reason why they don't really stay home much. Have a great Sunday everyone. 

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