Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Colour Blind Ninja

A Special Man

That shall do absolute anything for their loved ones.

   In a land somewhere not so far away, there lived a boy name Rofafa that's living just a normal low-life style despite his condition. Ever since he was born, he lives with his Uncle Matt Lowney as for his parents abandoned him.

   Rofafa is quite popular among his friends and fellow villagers. It is because he is a little different but he used his weakness into good use. He is what armies need and people fear. He is a camouflage exposer. Reason he is called as so is because of his vision.

   Even since he was a little child, he could never differentiate colours and doctors has confirmed that Rofafa has colour vision deficiency or generally known as colour blindness. His uncle thought it was a sad thing for a child to have such disability. But his Uncle Matt was patient with him and brought him up well.

   Years went by, Rofafa learnt how to use his disability to good use. In his village, he helped villagers to catch thieves that cover themselves in dirt and leafs to hide from the people from being caught. With his eye that can't differentiate colour, he could see them clearly while others can't. This kept his village safe and peaceful throughout the years.

   But one day Rofafa went to the jungle to collect some fire wood in the noon, he was extremely tired so he took a short nap under a shady oak tree. Without his knowledge, the Neinjaju, a group of highly trained assassins and pirates, attacked his village while he was in the woods.

   The Neinjaju ransacked everything that was there in the village. All their gold, money, pots and valuable items were taken away from them. Houses were burnt to ashes, men that fought for their village was killed and their head was chopped. Women were raped and children were taken to be sold as slaves.
In Soviet Russia.

   Rofafa went back to his village after his sleep, he dropped his fire woods and rushed home to only see his house that he lived with his uncle Matt was burnt to ashes. He searched everywhere for his Uncle Matt but there was no sign of him anywhere. He went to temple where the children and women were hiding and looked for the monk for explanations.

   The monk explained to him that Neinjaju is a German assassination that came and ransacked the whole village. His Uncle Matt's house had nothing valuable except a for a few copper coins. The leader, Mitler, was furious and asked his boys to capture him and bring him back to their place. He might be sold as a slave or to men that likes their own race, the monk do not know.
   As Rofafa heard what could happen to his Uncle Matt, he cried in anger and asked the monk how he could retrieve his uncle back. The monk told him there is only one way and it is to go to Mount Peace and learn the ways of a ninja to be able to go against the Neinjaju organisation.

   Rofafa was ready and packed what's left of his clothes to go to Mount Peace. As he was about to leave the village, the monk came and gave him a special cow. This cow is a flying cow. The monk told him that if he is tired, he could either milk the cow and drink the milk as it is a non-stop flow of milk. He is to ride the cow to the top of Mount Peace. He took the flying cow and named it Ke Bin.

   He sat on the back of Ke Bin and they started off heading east. After a 3 days 2 nights journey, they came to a large river that was filled with crocodile. Mount Peace is just at the other end of the river. Rofafa was scratching his head wondering how is he to cross such a big and dangerous river. When he was thinking, he was also playing with Ke Bin. All of a sudden, Ke Bin floated and Rofafa remembered that Ke Bin's speciality is flying. 

Ke Bin

   So he sat on Ke Bin's back, rubbed Ke Bin's chin and told Ke Bin to fly over the river. Ke Bin understood him and brought him over the river and flew straight up to the Mount Peace peak. On top there is the Temple Of Seven Ups. Rofafa get off Ke Bin and walked into the temple and he could see everyone either clinging on the wall or flying around. He asked one of them if he could meet the monk and they were surprised as they are not supposed to be seen by any ordinary man.

   The monk came down and meet him and asked him in curiosity on how he could see them in ease. Rofafa told him about his colour vision deficiency and the reason why he came to Mount Peace. In shocked, the monk accepted him immediately into their Seven Up Family.
   He was taught ways of a ninja and Seven Up and he was an assassin killer machine in not more than 7 months. He made new friends there and they taught him that he shouldn't use his skills for bad things but if he wanna use it to kick Mitler's ass, he shall use it to full use.

   After the 7 months of hard training, he set off with Ke Bin and head off to Neinjaju's headquarters in Germany. Before he flew off with Ke Bin, the monk came and gave him a M4 carbine a full set of ammunition.

   He then set off to Germany and landed as far as 1km away from the headquarters. He walked slowly to the HQ and saw all types of ninja assassins. He used his ninja invincibility and slip through the ninja guards.

   As he reached Mitler's room, a ninja hit him hard on the back. He fell down and took out his M4 carbine and shoot the hell out of every ninja in that room and back ups that came. Mitler tried to run but Rofafa was fast enough and manage to slam Mitlers head to the wall. 

   Mitler was not concious so Rofafa threw Mitler into the cage that was beside that room. Once Mitler was awake, Rofafa questioned him on where his Uncle Matt is. To Rofafa's surprised, Mitler took the skin off his face and it was his Uncle Matt. 

   While Rofafa was in a shocked state of mind, the whole building explodes and Rofafa took cover. Mitler was killed and no trace of any ninja's left. Rofafa wondered who did that and saw his friend from Seven Up,Chunk Morris, walking towards him with a missile launcher. He said he was the one who destroyed the building. 

   Chunk Morris said his uncle is safe and he is with him. He saw Uncle Matt trying to run away from that place the moment Rofafa entered the building. Rofafa went to see his uncle and they cried non stop.

   They went back to their village and build up their village with the money and things Rofafa took from the building. And they leave happily ever after. Uncle Matt and Ke Bin had kids soon after.

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