Friday, 4 January 2013

Raping is BAD!

I'm Hearing Rape Cases For Almost Everyday

And is anybody doing anything?

I don't think so.

   Whenever I switched on the news channel, what I'll hear first is,''Recent rape case in....''. Almost everyday I hear cases as so. What's going on right now? Is it becoming a trend? You have no money to rent a prostitute(not that I agree)? 

   If you have no money and can't control your hormones, there is this thing called masturbating. Just go home and jack off. You don't have to go around raping girls that are lonely. 

   Sometimes you go to a party and a girl got wasted. It's not sex when she's wasted. You can be charged of sexual assault you know? There's is a campaign called ''Don't be that guy!'' by Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton(SAVE) to help for sexual assault awareness. They are trying to save girls from being sexually assaulted or rape. You should check out the pictures they've been spreading around.

   So my point here is, it's not sex when she said no or when she's wasted and all. Even guys could get sexually assaulted! Check out more at SAVE website. Don't be that guy people.

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